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cheap Dedocated servers

i highly recommend you suggest me a better value dedicated server company, with an fine support team, no i ‘m not cheap stake suggest me kimsufihetznerleaseweb Those are certainly a quality options Andrius indicates but perhaps a tad bit more detail might guide narrowing down some options! What kind of spec server, job application, location, [...]

How to divide the website into more than one server ?

Greetings there. i employ a big website. how to be able to divide it against 3 ot SEVERAL linux server my website contain ( vbulletin discussion board, wordpress,.. ). i wish one server for mysql database, as well as onther one to get files ” apache “. how am i allowed to do that thank [...]

When is it time to go to a Dedicated from VPS

Hi there everyone! I’m simply very curious and wish very much to know in what point can you move from a VPS to somewhat of a Dedicated server together with respect to full daily page vistas or hits exclusive vistors etc. I’ve tried in order to Google and get lots of different estimates close to [...]


Hello WHT Well 1st of all.. Do accept my Apology if its not the correct discussion board to post such request… at any rate… i need 25 BG shells.. signifies 50 Nicks.. with regard to DALnet.. will use for psyBNC… to park on my triviachannel Budget is $50 / A FEW months…. i’ll pay via [...]

FTP wont delete or overwrite existing files server 2008 R2

Howdy there, I experienced this issue that’s slightly intermittent in the sense i can overwrite a document or two before i get the following message; *****************************************************************Response: 230 Consumer logged in. Command: OPTS UTF8 ONResponse: TWO HUNDRED OPTS UTF8 command successful – UTF8 encoding now ON. Status: ConnectedStatus: Establishing upload of E: \My Web Sites\Hours\hours\dbcon. aspCommand: [...]

Need advice in choosing a good host

Hi, I am interested in host my use on cloud. It might require minimum running power but very good bandwidth requirements including 2. 5 to be able to 5 TBs in addition to disk space around 250 GB. So considerably every host which i have come across offers extremely expensive bandwidth and file space propelling [...]

SSD Nodes 4 day review (will be updated periodically)

So, here’s a instead lengthy, and quite wordy review about my last adventure in the Jungle hunt for a replacement web-host. Last Saturday, (08/03/2011) I was seeking a decent, cost-effective VPS and came across this SSDNodes. com’s link with his forum signature bank fellow who presented some person to the this particular discussion board some [...]