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Price check on Budget US Dedicated server

I have been having really good luck with OVH nonetheless I now require a US structured dedicated server. The host will only become hosting maybe 1-10 sites that will never be pushing any true bandwidth, I doubt we will even top 1-5TB/month. Basically My business is looking for the united states equivalent of kimsurfi/OVH. Hello, [...]

Owning a server

Now i’m just curious – how bouts we people buy a server instead of paying to hire one I did some brief Googling and it seems like they’re affordable. At $250/month Now i’m paying roughly $15k each and every 5 years for the dedicated server. I comprehend a hosting company has the best equipment, technicians [...]

Looking to split a dedicated server 3-4 ways

Hence, I’m pretty much fed up with my current host provider as they definitely have crammed that server with clients and from now on the HDD can be full so WE can’t upload or maybe edit my information… I’m interested in someone who choose to share a role-specific server from an agreed upon host the [...]

wooservers feedback

I signed up for on the list of servers wooservers was advertising on below at $1 for any first month for the 1st May 2012. I used to be told that that dedicated server Pondered ordered would take between 12 along with 48 hours to be able to setup, a few hours after being shared [...]

Want to buy dedicated server

HiI am located in India and would like to buy dedicated node. Requirements are as below and many suggestions are delightful. Processor — Core i5 750 as well as goodRAM — 16GB or moreHDD : 1TB or moreBandwidth : 100mbps (unlimited shall be good but when capped atleast 10TB)KVM/IP having IPMI (Virtual Media)Price – I’ve [...]

What is 100 Mbps Going for these days

I recognize it varies by provider you will matters if it has the dedicated or embraced. Just curious what the common price going to get 100 mbps valued at of connectivity often shared or focused. Also if you have a 1gbps of connectivity towards the switch and anyone break it upwards in 10 A HUNDRED [...]

Custom partitioning over ssh (debootstrap?)

greetings, I employ a dedicated server by providerservice and I desired to customize the OS install. At this point, KVM/IPMI is an exceptionally expensive proposition upon providerservice so I needed to see if it usually is done over ssh. the save system using RIPLinux and I prefer to use Debian derivatives (Debian SIX or Ubuntu) [...] Vs

Good day, I’m thinking of getting a dedicated server from one of these simple two companies, I’m planning on hosting both shoutcast script site and youtube duplicate website, both websites use a great deal of CPU, MYSQL as well as RAM. Specs to the servers from FDCservers. internet are Dual AMD Opteron 6272 (2 x [...]

Looking for a Provider Who Meets These Requirements

Without doubt Guys! So we’ve got had generated satisfactory profits to expand to other Data Centers as well as new locations. Now I am thinking about purchasing dedicated servers out of Data Centers who fulfill these requirement – Location: Ideally Europe. No USA. IPv4 Limit: Allows about 64-96IPs for every server at leastHardware Specs: Nothing [...]