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leaseweb – content removal (resolved)

I am having some reactions to them removing a new blatant copy involving our site from other servers. If precisely what I experienced can be anywhere near the actual customer service, I don’ t think high of it. They didn’t even bother for you to read my e-mail, and just told the pollsters with copy/paste [...]

would you buy a server book?

Relating to extensive notes, complete comprehensive notes, for precisely how I; built my very own serverinstalled in a datacenterinstalled centos on it being a virtual hostinstalled virtual machinesset upwards dns servers, master/slavesset ” up ” webservers with entire email, ftp, etc, all ssl/tls, startlsVNC accessbackup using rdiff, rsnapshot, mysql replicationraid hand mirror, lvms, etcyum updates, [...]

South America low end server

Hello there everyone, searching for the low-end dedicated server in South The us. I’m not curious for servers in Florida. It are going to be used to sponsor games for an existing game(Warcraft 3). Also my partner and i found one node and since now i’m not from SA, I would consult people from SA [...]

Abysmal Support from GNAX/NetDepot

I am with them regarding 5 months and also so now. Support from what We can tell has in the past been hit and miss dependant upon who you receive and the time. However they had been improving. I’ve not necessarily opened any support requires about a four week period. Yesterday night two servers We [...]

Unzip files in your account

Once uploaded , you can unzip the files following these steps : 1. Create file called unzip.php into the same folder as the archive.2. Copy/paste the following content : <? exec("unzip"); ?>3. Replace with the name of your file4. Open in a browserYou will haev the .zip extracted into the same folder [...]