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need cheap dedicated server

Hi, I will need cheap dedicated server for budget about 30-40 USD monthly with 2 GB RAM, 250-320 GB HD (if possible 2 advisors with software RAID 1), just about any location is good, 4-5 IP contact (I have SSL for those) and area and any processor chip above ATOM, it may be AMD or [...]

help me,how update server linux?

hellow our freindshow up-date server linux pleas help What exactly searching to update http: //www. linux-tech. net/ Which OS can you have as said, exactly what you trying to help update As post read it he or she got linux “server/minimal” as well as whatever some contains call it, the linux kernel variant (is what [...]

PHP delay execution

An easy php_info generates within 1. 00 sec, second and subsequent visits to the current page takes to come up with 0. 09 sec there is usually no cache, no php neither apache accelerators it’s a home server, no link or negotiation complications. no dns troubles. all checked so are correct. I assume is problem [...]

Hetzner ID verification

I am trying since Friday to buy a account on hetzner They have got asked me regarding ID and We have only got a expired passport and I gave them the copy of my tenancy and from now on today they point out its not up to scratch and I wouldn’t have no other NAME, [...]

Want to add a low cost node to vps control panel

Hi I would like a usa structured dedicated server to use in my company vps plans can you recommend one regarding 25 dollars or less thanks Hello, $25 is a very low budget for your dedicated server. I don’t think you will discover anything worth using for VPS web hosting (maybe personal use). Assuming you [...]

Half Dedicated Server

Hello, I may see a few hosts offer “half of a dedicated server”. My organization is wondering how they begin doing this. Will it be virtualization (with some sort of control panel). Additionally, would you obtain root access Comparable to Semi-Dedicated… Do you think it will be with something this type of Xen/OVZ (and manipulate [...]

Price confusion

Expensive All, I here’s talking to on the list of hosting providers in addition to got the below details from their store. I am totally confused with this, Before going to talk to them wanted to learn from here Are usually purpose they are asking 1000$ monthly for 100Mbit/s limitless, when it can be free [...]

1&1 — what a nightmare!

I merely have to promote my experience that will warn others to stay clear of 1& 1. Had a passionate server with them for quite a few months. No difficulties with the server, until eventually the backup FTP stopped working (they provide space on its FTP server, MY PARTNER AND I wrote an automated script [...]

Server4you information

May anyone here realize properly about server4you’s specialist servers. I searched the following and found only 1 good review. Their price is very cheap for what they are giving. And they want Plesk not Cpanel when control panel. Their isn’t any info on additional hardware plus software on their website. Their isn’t every way besides [...]

What do you think about

Hello guys, I was hunting for Dedicated Servers and I found online world. alvotech. de, they’ve got good prices along with good servers: http: //www. alvotech. de/dserver/ but I’d prefer to hear your opinion using this company is this good has anybody bought at their store Dservers before Thanks Warning: I use a 512 VPS [...]