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What’s server requirement for hosting WHT

MY SPOUSE AND I always wondering type server spec and network will i need to run a popluar online community like webhostingtalk. com such seeing that CPU speed, Memory and disk drive size, and bandwidth A advanced forum’s server setup could be two server (web + database) ideally would have been a or dual Quad [...]

Low IO performance SW Raid 10

Can anyone have any pointers because of this slow raid overall performance. I know DD is not a ‘good’ method to measure IO nonetheless it gives an hint. E3-1240 / 16gb Ram/ 4 x 500gb WD RE4 Computer software raid 10 dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync Getting 139 MB/s Yet over a different server [...]

True “cloud email” hosting

Several of email hosting solutions to choose from. Most of all of them can’t grow for the scale like Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail might. Several of all of them are isolated to help single servers, or stating which will user accounts exist which servers. Beyond in which, you can employed shared storage (NFS intended for example) with universal [...]

Cloud Servers Solutions ?

Howdy, recently we’ve started an online business with OnApp Cloud Software and that is good but has plenty of weak spots. we’d want to know whenever a any other software which could give us the features onapp did and more that onapp didn’t give. we’ve regarded as VMware Cloud Director, but there is definitely some [...]

Looking for cloud host with reasonable prices

Trying to find a cloud host containing at least 30gb connected with transfer/mth$5-10/mth selection. Anyone have got a good experience to talk about about companies you could have been with pertaining to awhileAnything nearly 100% uptime (talking concerning minutes of downtime/month and also less) Cheers You’re about to have trouble finding any cloud hosting at [...]

Is it clould?

I am aware nothing about cloud. I heard so it is the same cPanel. How to be aware of it is impair technology or not cpanel isn’t cloud hosting. internet. wikipedia. org -> seek out “Cloud” should ensure that you get a little insight Please examine: http: //vps. net/product/cloud-hostinghttp: //www. site5. com/hosting/cloud/ cPanel is there. [...]

How to provide Cloud Hosting?

I am new to cloud web hosting and I never utilize this, How can one provide this Is I want to use some computer software like Linux cloud with my server You’ll need several server, for starters. It really just depends upon what platform you opt for. Companies like OnApp will require no less than [...]

Setting up a cloud?

Hey guys, just had a concept. Is a cloud appropriately a server say with 64GB Ram, 4 x quad processes powering a DAS with 20TB hard drive etc or own i completely got the incorrect idea Best, Nathaniel No a cloud could well be more of a computer system cluster. Although you possess the right [...]