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cheap Dedocated servers

i highly recommend you suggest me a better value dedicated server company, with an fine support team, no i ‘m not cheap stake suggest me kimsufihetznerleaseweb Those are certainly a quality options Andrius indicates but perhaps a tad bit more detail might guide narrowing down some options! What kind of spec server, job application, location, [...]

Cheap dedicated servers?

Hi, I wanted to order a cheap committed server and my friend recommended the ideal place is thatvps. corp. uk but I have also seen ovh. corp. uk are quite a cheap company nonetheless only accept card payments and I have only got funds in my paypal at the moment and I have to have [...]

Looking for a cheapo server in USA

Hi there Folks, Looking to get a cheapo server from the USA as a test node, nothing extravagant, just a couple of requirements. < $100160GB Hard drive minimum2GB Memory minimumtraffic/bandwidth certainly not important2 IP’sIP6 is really a bonus. Needs to get an automated reinstall and also KVM so it can be reinstalled on demand without [...]

Cheap dedicated servers

Can certainly anyone suggest me a good dedicated server along with powerful processor, big degree of ram and challenging rive under $100 One much more thing can anyone create a rough estimate what number of websites can be hosted in the server with some sort of Quad Core One, 4GB Ram in addition to 500GB [...]

Looking for dedicated servers with Brazil and Argentina ip’s

We seeking cheap dedicated servers located in Europe or U . S . but with Brazil and Argentina ip’s. I am talking about whois must display Brazil and Argentina ip’s. 1 node wirh Brazil ip, second with Argentina Your budget My pay off Brazilia ip $50-60, Argentina $80-100Cheap atom as well as celeron too ok, [...]

Cheap High Bandwidth servers, that understand I’ll actually use it ;)

I want to build a small series (3-5) of rather high-bandwidth servers. They are likely to max out the port that they’re given, so in the event that I’m on 100Mbit, it will use 36TB. I really don’t really care where on this planet they’re located, or frankly the caliber of the bandwidth. I’d appreciate [...]

Cheap Cloud Servers

I have been previously looking at cheap impair servers but most are definitely expensive than using a fanatical server. The only cheap one We can find is 1and1. Can anyone recommend many others for me. Thanks hi, This will also depend on the configuration. What configuration shopping for Have you tried giga-international. com They own [...]