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lookig for uk dedi

Hi I’m after a dedi from the ukMin 5 core with ht8 gb ramRaid 1 At very least 2-3tb Budget 100 ish Keith Are you trying to find a managed and also unmanaged solution hi, UnmanagedKVM gain access to on request will be good Keith You might check Redstation. I think chances are you’ll struggle [...]

High-traffic Canadian Servers

My organization is looking for a good provider of high-traffic devoted servers in Canada. The server MUST often be in Canada, that is an absolute qualification. It doesn’t subject where in Nova scotia the server is usually, as long because it is in Canada. I have taken a review of iWeb and their servers feature [...]

Server Stream Download Low

Hello We’ve script in the server that would make stream download through other servers. Many users download simultaneously how can i tell if my personal rented server will be consuming 1Gbps. For the same information be 1Gbps link. inform our users are not passing to download at top speed, so do not necessarily know if [...]

Need recommendation for a small business

Heya, I am thinking of getting a new devoted server for our own company. I was investigating 1& 1 XL 6 as it had some quite impressive specs for just a good price (http: //www. 1and1. com/ServerPremiumXL). Sad to say, I’ve heard a few bad reviews at them. We want something that could not screw [...]


Good day everybody, I am looking to find a trustworthy dedicated server. My price range is $250/month What kind of hardware/software/service could I recieve for this price range Physical location is preferably in Canada (Although United states is fine) Let me know what you think rose Hi: For $250 budget you can receive a decent [...]

Dedicated managed server under $250/month?

Hi there everybody, I am seeking to find a reliable dedicated server. My spending plan is $250/month What types of hardware/software/service could I recieve because of this price range Physical location would be preferably in Canada (Although United states is fine) I need 24/7 technical assist, 5000GB+ transfer, and basic software without backups Let me [...]

iWeb- Ignored By Abuse Dept. About Blatant Copyright Infringement

We’ve had my emails sent to Iweb Abuse Dept completely ignored for Few months now. I almost quit trying and then another site hosted through iWeb started providing me problems consequently I’ve sent emails about this one and those people have all also been ignored. The unique issue concerns a website that allows end users [...]

Cluster help

Hello there, Well, I have quite a few questions, I’m new. I have 2 dedicated machines, a situating it in Canada and one in USA, this question is: Is the item possible to cluster between each.. Is a first year question but just about all I’m seeing manuals treated as should the cluster must often [...]

Where can I get Canadian Cloud VMs

I currently use a buyer who merely uses a Amazon EC2 server. I’m not knowledgeable about it; I just order it off him and he only gives me access to it. Does it count being a VPS where We can log into Paypal along with essentially be a different IP. I’m planning to do the [...]