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Dedicated Server Providers

Greetings, what is the very best provider for devoted servers with good prices, thank people for yours replies. I have finally per 89. 00 with cPanel license the next server: E84008GB MEM2 back button 1TB HDD2000GB Bandwidth For a second time thanks a lot cPanel fee $25 already if its internal. So, you happen to [...]

Going with single SSD on webserver?

I’m currently building a single Intel 320 SSD with my webserver. I almost resolved to go raid1 SSD although can’t quite afford it at this time. My server does a complete cpanel backup to secondary disk each and every 24hrs. I stagger that having a mysqldump and off-site rsync copy. So basically the site is [...] Issue….

Hi there, I have got one Dedicated Machine from 100TB. com around UK Datacenter. We get providing VPS for this server, some VPS buyers do some maltreatment complaints… 100TB. com sent one email to me for stop your abuse activities… infact which vps customer are usually providing VPN Server within the VPS, I get suspended [...]

Advice with hardware setup needed

Hello, I recently got a dedicated: Xeon E3-12404GB GOOD OLD RAM DDR3 ECC2 a 250GB HD SATA II(one to get usage, one for backups) CentOs A FEW. 0It has WHM/cpanel on I are quite puzzled during its statistics with regard to sar, and major commands which seem quite higher from what I expected. Initial benchmarks [...]

Looking for LA Based Dedicated Server

My organization is looking for LOS ANGELES Based Dedicated hosting space. Any recommendations at good providers Doing a search on the forums here may produce some results for you concerning finding companies whom offer servers with LA. I would have a shot at that and maybe also check out the offers area here. What kind [...]

Warm backup vs. real time sync vs R1 Soft type backup?

Howdy, I’m trying pinpoint the best ‘quick’ addiction recovery solution. This will be a Cpanel dedicated server in your own data middle. In case of an major failure of some kind, I’m racking your brains on what failover strategy to have in place. It seems I have 3 options: 1. R1 Fluffy or similar back [...]

No drive cloning at limestone?

So I have a box resting over at limestone of which sent me a good alert this morning hours so I determine no big deal I may schedule some downtime and get them clone / change the drive just like I do at other datacenters. However Limestone says many people wont, the only thing they’re [...]

Cheap Server with Dual Drives

I was looking at the cheaper kimsufi, which is a 2GB atom which includes a 1TB drive. It truly is about $25/month YOU… but I definitely would prefer some thing with 2 shots off the tee. This is very just storage for backups plus a few smaller issues, so anywhere on this planet with reasonable [...]

Backup server

Hello there there, I am seeking a dedicated server that’ll be used mainly (and solely) intended for backup purposes (the solely software running on most effective for you Bacula’s SD). Intel Atom and even old Athlon would certainly do; don’t have CPU power. 1GB and even 512MB RAM will perform as well. Nevertheless, as much [...]

Lost Dedicated Server

I’ve had a separate server for ages at Hetzner. This server seemed to be sponsored / covered by a business (A) via yet another company (B). The book expired and I want to to continue renting the server instantly from Hetzner, nonetheless, company B had not been responding to my home and Hetzner had been [...]