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“Apache (internal dummy connection)” or [error] could not make child process

Greetings guys, My server may be crashing almost each day. What happens will be the server ram gets used up and it turns into unresponsive. When I’m within SSH I are unable to even do anything for the reason that site has not any ram what consequently ever and my machine can be a really [...]

How to divide the website into more than one server ?

Greetings there. i employ a big website. how to be able to divide it against 3 ot SEVERAL linux server my website contain ( vbulletin discussion board, wordpress,.. ). i wish one server for mysql database, as well as onther one to get files ” apache “. how am i allowed to do that thank [...]

Should I be guaranteeing concurrent users for client?

A client require SLA that guarantees usage of an X degree of concurrent users. Do you find it normal to offer guarantees on concurrent clients in SLA in case yes, how to calculate concurrent users Concurrent consumers for what My respond to without knowing much info would be. Make sure ones hardware is spec’d to [...]

GoDaddy Server Keeps Going Down!

We’ve a GoDaddy Focused Server and every evening it keeps going down. Not sure what the difficulty is and I’m a ready-made newb when it comes to these things. Many i do is usually run facebook blog through it. Need help bad. How thinking of monitoring the server You need to try to monitor from [...]

Reboot Server Automatically

Relating to a CentOS equipment running on Apache that decreases at least when a day. I just downloadable “Uptime Scout” for monitoring and it also apparently allows me to reboot this automatically. “Command to be able to execute on server fail” “Command range: ” I don’t really determine what this is. Is that this like [...]

Testing ram

Hi, I have a very new dedicated host and having several real bad issues Whats the best ways to test the ram with this server Keith Why do you suspect the ram may be the issue More significant, what are the problems, bits of the storyplot do not aid. First getting your box high lots [...]

How many page views/ traffic will this get you before bottleneck/crashes?

My organization is looking at handful of servers and We are wondering how that server would handle traffic…. Intel Atom D525 (2×1. 8ghz) 500GB SATAII Drive4GB DDR3 RAM10TB Bandwidth100Mbps Uplink What type of content contemplating serving on it Quote: What type of content will a person be serving on itServing up image thumbs (100px/100px) hosted [...]

running CentOS on SATA drive, mySQL database on SAS drive – a good idea?

We are thinking on web hosting service a PHP/mySQL application with a dedicated server, while using server itself (apache/mysql daemon, etc) running on CentOS on the main SATA get, while hosting the exact database (and nothing else) with a faster SAS push. I imagine the velocity will be faster when the actual database, that is [...]

Which the best dedicated server for downloading

hello I may build new website depend on downloading only 4 webpages html + TWELVE files ( average quality about 2. FOUR GB ) My Requests are: – Is 2G DDR3 more than enough Is one process Dual cores ( Central i5-2500 or Xeon x3450 ) sufficient Is Apache HTTP best choice or choose lite [...]

Nginx FastCGI Buffer

Hi, Has any individual around here got any luck throughout disabling the FastCGI buffers built into Nginx i. at the. http: //wiki. nginx. org/HttpFcgiModule I would like all traffic via PHP to transfer synchronously into the client, with no Nginx buffering… Thanks! What comes about when you set fastcgi_max_temp_file_size in order to 0 and fastcgi_buffers [...]