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SAN performance Solutions

Hello there, I’m curious in what SAN solutions you as a hosting provider use for your Cloud and what exactly performance you obtain from these. I’ve also been performing some tests on several web hosting service providers that utilizes SAN as spinal and I get less performance than on an laptop computer with SATA computer. [...]

A list of PAY-PER-HOUR providers

hi, is there an index of cloud providers exactly who charge per an hour like Storm At Demand thank people! I don’t know almost every other pay per an hour, other than OVH little cloud (pre-paid). And I’m not really sure if this bills per hour In OVH you will need add credit back, min. [...]

Serverintellect – NOT RECOMMENDED

I normally do not post or review sites outside my scope of as being a. NET developer, however ServerIntellect offers **** me off a great deal of that I need to report my results. And yes I have been posting this review everywhere I could think of (I are related it before xmas cause then [...]

Amazon EC2 Backup

Hello there All, I am currently contemplating the simplest implementation to complete regular automatic burn of my Amazon Web Services EC2 conditions running off solely Windows Server ’08. Is at this time there any recommendation Minimal 3 servers seat or over to 8 hosts. If it’s running off a EBS size, then the quickest could [...]

Amazon offers dedicated servers on EC2

http: //www. theregister. corp. uk/2011/03… ec2_instances/ Quote: Maybe we should call this one fog computing Over this weekend, Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing subsidiary of the online retailer by identical name, announced something called Dedicated Instances for its Virtual Private Cloud providers. In small, it takes what is supposed to be a multitenant cloud [...]