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leaseweb – content removal (resolved)

I am having some reactions to them removing a new blatant copy involving our site from other servers. If precisely what I experienced can be anywhere near the actual customer service, I don’ t think high of it. They didn’t even bother for you to read my e-mail, and just told the pollsters with copy/paste [...]

Ddos Attack

What amount time a company like Hostgator will take to resolve this Ddos attack about the dedicated server I am working with a Vbulletin forum which is under Ddos attack down to the Hostgator is usually saying, but they may not be telling me concerning Attack size, style, connections and packets for each second Can [...]

Kyrpt also became the engine room of the violence dealing with DDOS attacks

Costly Customer, I regret to let you know that your server is shutdown for violating ourTOS(Terms with Service) and AUP (Acceptable Make use of Policy). To prevent futureinterruptions within your service with us please carefully examine our TOS plus AUP. Violation particulars: Receiving DOS (Denial with Service) attacks. Host IP: 98. 126. XXX. XXX Malicious [...]

IPs and the SPAMMERs that want them

Through the years, it has become more and more difficult to weed out the respectable IP request, versus the ones bound for blacklisting. We now have a justification scheme, a very rigorous abuse department, and our IPs are certainly not inexpensive to put. Yet each week it seems we are delisting another /24. This may [...]