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How to know the amount of RAM VPS is given? – Page 3

Quote: Note that Xen uses dedicated RAM, and not overbooked like with Virtuzzo providers usually do .That tells me how little you (or your provider) know about Virtuozzo. With Virtuozzo, you can assign a VPS a fix amount of memory with no capability to use more than the fix amount of memory or a guaranteed [...]

HOW-TO: Vds – Page 5

I’m planning on making a basic Virtuozzo guide one of these days. hey all, i wouldnt suppose someone would be willing to help me out getting a UML system up and running, ive got to the point of getting the os up, but no matter what i do i cant get it to access the [...]

How-to understand what VPS is – Page 7

If there’s a lot of database activity, I would recommend to go for 384mb RAM (especially considering that cPanel by itself uses up 100-120mb ram). 256mb should probably work too, but 384mb would be safer. What you could consider is to get a VPS with 256mb first and monitor your resource usage. Then if it [...]

installing software on a vps – Page 2

Quote: Hello,I was looking for guide to install VNC on Linux!Check this thread. thank you for the link

what to look for in a VPS provider – Page 3

hmmm how about when say ur on a server that has 8 cores. how does a VPS manage that per user (VPS account)?

How I migrated from HyperVM to VDSmanager – Page 2

no error messages in the log (after using killall etc). It had about 15 openvz vps already running on it – which are stil running but not showing. Its a 64 bit centos which *should* be fine, but for some reason simply doesnt see them . Quote: no error messages in the log (after using [...]

Is there a VPS tutorial for people moving from shared hosting? – Page 2

A tutorial would be very nice. I have run my own servers… I ran a Red Hat server and a Suse server and they were fun, but they were a bit of upkeep. I could do it again, though, if I had to. I’m looking at VPS now, switching from bluehost. Me too…trying to find [...]

How To: Install and Configure a GUI on your Linux VPS – Page 6

thanks for this i wrote an how to install VNC on Centos 5.3, you can find it here:…on-centos-vps/

HOW TO: Change the hostname and not get cpanels licence error – Page 2

Quote: I have found over the years that it is anoying when you update the hostname on a server running cpanel and cpanel gives you an invalid licence error, if you want to change the hostname on a cpanel server then 1)log into shell with root 2)type "hostname (then at the end put anything you [...]

Nginx + PHP-FPM + MySQL on CentOS. Works on 64MB RAM. – Page 3

Quote: Does this install the latest version of nginx?Thanksnginx version: nginx/1.0.0 What version it installed depends on what version the epel or webtatic repos have.