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loadbalancing setup

Good day, I should setup 2 web-server with regard to 1 website. I’d like to increase users by load-balancing but how I’ll manage the files on both host. Is there just about any visualization tool or anything on the market to mange this. I don’t desire to keep the facts on both machines. Thanks Depends [...]

Someone know about companies that offer anti-spam firewall in the cloud?

Right know we have been using this service: http: //spamwall. com/ And we missed other companies of which doing that pertaining to unlimited domains. We indulge to check additional services and it’s strange there is absolutely no other solutions in existence. Thanks, Noam I assume spam is rely on provider. Try to visit for some [...]

Cloud Resellers – VPS

Really does anyone know of cloud hosting resellers for selling off vps servers $500/mo. Looking intended for at minimum 32GB, raid EIGHT, 4TB of storeroom and 24 cores. If you are interested in a real cloud create with HA as well as SAN storage a person going to get those specs with the price. If [...]

100% CPU Load on Amazon EC2 + RDS DB ?

Now i am hosting a hubpages site on Amazon’s EC2 which includes a C1. medium occasion (the High-CPU / JUST ONE. 7GB RAM with 5 CPU-units). For the actual DB I try a mysql on any RDS instance from Amazon (smallest offer, which is nonetheless not nearly utilized to the max). From hour and hour [...]

Subdomain to virtual machine

For a start, apologies if this is actually the wrong forum due to this question, quite mortgage loan I wasn’t guaranteed where to post. I include 3 Cloud Hosting space with Rackspace: 192. 168. 0. ONE – HTTP Node – NginX192. 168. 0. ONLY TWO – NodeJS Node, Memcached192. 168. 0. 3 – MySQL (These [...]

New system setup

Howdy, im going for you to release new vps expert services and was wondering when the below would be possible to undertake: 1. ) When just one server is have less cpu, memory, storage just one more can easily control you or we can readily add new machines when needed (This is made for the [...]

EC2 like control panel

So, here is the situation. I own a smallish hosting company aimed at OpenVZ and Xen web hosting. Currently when i manage the VMs for my customers but many of them started to obtain a control panel where they might start/stop VMs, see resource practice and create VMs independently ( being required on CC, certainly [...]

OnApp CDN Feedback

Howdy all, We’ve create an OnApp CDN node and they are testing it out there. Just thinking if others possess put much traffic independently nodes and/or this global federation, and what kind of results you are seeing with operation. One issue I’m really interested in learning is how very good the detection is to route [...]

Secure, Reliable and Flexible Server Host

Howdy. I will need servers to perform an application plus website. I don’t know if anyone can recommend the best host One problem We have is that its difficult to allow precise demand estimations and hence approximate resource requirements. It seems flexible cloud-based web hosting would solve this matter by allowing with regard to easy [...]

Downsides of AppLogic?

So… I’d like to be able to hear everyones input to the downsides and/or comparisons to other ‘cloud’ solutions for AppLogic… Thanks! No built-in manage panel for shoppers. Not necessarily downside as possible purchase third party solution in this (just additional money)No Infiniband assistance (yet)No tiered storage–e. gary the gadget guy., SAS pool, SSD pool, [...]