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i am planning to start buying dedicated server, just want to learn how to manage it

i highly recommend you advise me the place to start after making payment for the dedicated server provider any advised cheap dedicated server to me i want to learn, then once i have learned to manage, i start out my business. I would recommend purchasing whether fully managed server or some type of management service, [...]

Single vs Dual CPUs for VPS Machines?

Our business is looking into expanding over in to the VPS/Web-Hosting Market in this article soon (just over a small scale to focus on the customers who wish to have all services as a result of one place) and I will be comparing single or dual processor setups. We are considering E3-1240 setups with 32GB [...]

PCI Express Raid Card 4x Sata

We have a few hosts that need raid credit cards. Can anyone recommend a reliable but affordable raid credit cards. No BBU essential. Will end up being used for raid10, VM’s Server possesses 1x 1x PCI-e x161x PCI-e x81x PCI-e x4 Links to obtain and or specs can be nice. Thanks Adaptec 6405E.. Not the [...]

Regarding Ecatel – Watch out

Hello there everyone This will be my first posting here, but i felt i got neccessary to eventually say a word of mouth of two concerning Ecatel. I’ve recently been with Ecatel long now, and a bumpy road. Recently that has turned tougher tho. 2 many days ago i obtained a server by way of [...]

This is completely unreasonable.

Well this really is completely unacceptable, along with pretty bad. WorldStream gave me only 15 minutes to solve an abuse article. You don’t look at to give solely 15 minutes to be able to reply to a strong abuse report and take action. Nobody will be online everytime to reply for the abuse reportd. The [...]

Hetzner new EX10 servers since today

I in homepage of hetzner. p, that they provide new server EX10 together with 64GB RAM listed and 2x3TB HDDs. But this kind of server is presented with preinstalled 2x 3TB HDDs. Simply by their support, plainly want this device with 4x SSD hard drives, then the value is 109EUR + 15EUR to get flexi [...]

don’t use, they don’t respond to tickets for two days.

I need to let you guys know how burst. net is actually treating clients. On certainly one of my servers that costs almost 180$/month I get an abuse complain from a person (basically my node was brute making it’s ssh password or even something) and I immediately will fix it. After SOME hours I create [...]

Kimsufi resellers

Really does anyone her find out a trusted Kimsufi reseller I will be planning on having their 24G deal and would prefer to try out that server for an month before pre-paying as it for the future 3. I likewise need a Microsoft windows Server 2008 OS license. Thought I’d point out that since I [...]

Custom partitioning over ssh (debootstrap?)

greetings, I employ a dedicated server by providerservice and I desired to customize the OS install. At this point, KVM/IPMI is an exceptionally expensive proposition upon providerservice so I needed to see if it usually is done over ssh. the save system using RIPLinux and I prefer to use Debian derivatives (Debian SIX or Ubuntu) [...] Vs

Good day, I’m thinking of getting a dedicated server from one of these simple two companies, I’m planning on hosting both shoutcast script site and youtube duplicate website, both websites use a great deal of CPU, MYSQL as well as RAM. Specs to the servers from FDCservers. internet are Dual AMD Opteron 6272 (2 x [...]