Archive for June, 2012 the truth about the 10gbps xl servers??

I will be very interested in getting one of the xl servers during OVH. co. uk the reason being it appears to offer a great deal of value on backup and on BW However which is only if your deal is as it’s. So may i buy such an example xxl servers along with fill [...]

DDoS Protection Question

While in the near future, I will be purchasing a dedicated server for an element of my website which Will need SOME form associated with DDoS protection. Reason being happens because I expect for being DDoSed. I’ve been browsing through some DDoS protected hosting packages, with several choices associated with “packets per second” safeguards. What [...]

detection of outgoing floods on VPS nodes?

I work with a VPS provider and we get a few abusers at daily basis, but there isn’t a way to tell they’re an abuser simply by seeing the order needless to say. Once they start out an outgoing overflow, it affects other clients about the same node as well. So Needed to ask this [...]

server with cheap bandwidth in Europe

I’m in search of a server within Europe for file storage. Users are from German-speaking countries and also the server should have a very gigabit uplink to let reasonable download speed. I also looked into cloud storage however the bandwidth costs tend to be even higher. I want: – CPU that may encode 720p video [...]

Hivelocity – Making bold untrue claims

RE: http: //www. webhostingtalk. com/showthread. phpt=1134149 Quote: Hivelocity placed an order immediately and will be the first host to receive these great different servers online to its customers. They are not the FIRST coordinator. Webnx has been offering them on wht for a lot of days now, moreover, softlayer also continues to be offering them [...]

Dedicated Server – RAID10 or RAID1?

Hey, Going to acquire a dedicated server, but was thinking if RAID10 or RAID1 is better. Planning to work with it for VPS. RAID 10With Raid10, most effective for you 4 harddisks to mirror and also to split the control. However, concern is RAID10 will probably be hard to regain during failure. RAID1With Raid1, i [...]

Strange Reason to cancel my Order with

I merely see the good offer WHT via invehosting. com, then I merely order one from the link, but next time i just want shell out with paypal, it display errrors to carry on: PayPal are not able to process this transaction as a result of a problem considering the seller’s website. Please contact the [...]

Please advice lowend dedicated in Netherlands

I need 150 GB regarding hdd, 1 GB ram, 1 central of cpu and also looooow price! Actually I’d happily match VPS yet additional space is too costly. You won’t get a dedicated server using these specifications, and if you carry out, it would cost much more than a VPS with high-priced additional space. Please [...]

Joesdatacenter. My site is down for 3 days… again…

So I’ve made the previous thread here in regards to the situation two months ago. Short history, after the cable tv repair, my hard disk failed and after few days joe managed to be able to recover it as well as give me admission to my data. I thanked him in public although it wasn’t [...]

Budget linux dedicated with good support?

Ok I really could go and examine the offers area but before this I want your opinion. Since with regards to 80% of my sites have been in php (joomla, oscommerce) I decided as opposed to a vps -I called for this few days ago- to visit with a linux server and also a small [...]