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Per Hour Based Pricing?

Let say during this development process, i just have a 3 hours each day to test out my website. If its 0. 05/Hr, really does that mean my partner and i pay 0. 15 / Day Is in which correct Not having a perception where these numbers originated from. If you have to have 3 [...]

Need info on cloud providers

Greetings all, I need information on cloud hosting providers while in the following locations. Istanbul-Turkey Haifa / Tel Aviv-Israel Copenhagen-Denmark Auckland-Newzealand Moscow-Russia Belgium Warsaw-Poland France Saudi Arabia Are at this time there cloud hosts in those locations I learn in Poland there’s www. servecloud. pl Take a look on hosteurope that will Denmark. you can [...]

Cloud vs Grid vs Cluster hosting?

Greetings dear Lady/Sir: May everyone can exactly look at the difference in between these three internet hosting: Cloud vs Grid vs ClusterDistributed Cluster hosting mean Best regards, Alex Cloud is a marketing term, while using bare minimum feature concerning fast automated provisioning with new servers. HA, utility billing, etc are many features people can lump [...]

What’s is cloud server

Good day, I wish to know about cloud node and it’s facilityI feel looking forward. Thanks to your suggest A cloud host has many definitions while in the web hosting small business, I’m not guaranteed about your problem. But in most cases a fog up server is described as a virtual private server which includes [...]

Windows Azure, anybody tried that?

Good day WHT Members, I employ a friend who is thinking of running some uses using Windows Azure, feeding and pulling data from the Azure data retailer that currently usually have half a terabyte of data it is increasing at 50 percent a gig daily. He carries a few questions that he hope to have [...]

Looking for Level3 CDN reseller

Greetings, We’re searching for Level3 CDN reseller which could provide direct admission to L3 Media Portal for creating and also managing cache/download houses (zones), and additionally API access pertaining to usage reporting. Thanks. vps. net is a known reseller involving Level3 CDN http: //www. vps. net/product/cdn We experimented with VPS. net, and although provides access [...]

i got refused by gnax on free cloud service :(

Hello there, i would plan to share my experience with gnax help support team, i found them somewhat ruff but together very polite, i got repudiated service because i dont use a stablished bussines nevertheless no were within the terms of use/ services ses i need to be an stablished buissnes to get the service. [...]

Best VPS host?

Hi all, I possess 3 VPS along with VPS. NET and I must say that however their support is actually great, fast as well as efficient, their uptime would not satisfy me. They need frequent issues utilizing SAN among alternative problems and since I host quite a few ecommerce sites, I need to move to [...]

100TB Cloud vs GigenetCloud

Might please anybody promote and post good / negative opinions of actual using the above stated cloud service providersThanks inside advance 100tb cloud nodes are just vps. net sale accounts. If you seek out vps. net rather than 100tb you will find loads connected with information. Yes you are right, just as 100tb dedi have [...]

Cloud VPS for 40 bucks ?

Im trying to find a XEN base cloud vps my requierements are1025 MB associated with ramand ONE HUNDRED MBPS port at space and banwith which ever i can acquire (lol not under 25 GB) Quote: Im trying to find a XEN foundation cloud vps the requierements are1025 MB connected with ramand 100 MBPS port in [...]