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This is a quick way of setting up a VDS. We will use the Kernel: 2.4.22-8um in this. You can use any you want. First of all, make a UML directory on the server with the following command in SSH Quote:mkdir /uml/Then, we need to change to the newly made directory, using the following command: [...]

HowTo – Install a basic LAMP box

Ok, so you have a new VPS. Now what do you do with it? For many users, a box with a Lamp setup, Linux Apache Mysql and Perl/Php/Python is a good point to start building their server. Setting up a Lamp box is really quite simple, thanks to the popular Yum package manager that comes [...]

How to setup a Xen VPS Server using LVM, RAID1 and dtc-xen

This howto is pretty long, because explaining in details. This is just in order to make it easy to understand. If you got some troubles, don’t fear to get in touch with me, I’ll be happy to give a hand. Note: this howto does NOT explain how to setup a Debian. You MUST have basic [...]

How to know the amount of RAM VPS is given?

Hello,I recently upgraded my RAM on my VPS and was wondering how to know if RAM has got added as I`m totaly new with VPS and this is my first vps and would be greatful if someone can help me out ? Ok, I’m guessing it you are using Virtuozzo. So log in to your [...]

How-to Protect your Server. The Basics! (cPanel)

Well I take NO credit for the scripts provided herein I merely hope to share some things I have found to help me when I setup my VPS… First of all we need to install a firewall, even if you don’t start this service this nifty script do’s a security audit for you… To install [...]

[how-to] Ssh

This is a guide on some simple commands on SSH that you should know when you start using a VPS. cdUse this command to change your current directory. The root of the hard disk is "/". The current directory "./". The parent directory of the current one is "../", and it’s parent is "../../", etc. [...]

[Fedora Core 5] Lighttpd & PHP 4.4.6 install

I was getting a bit annoyed with apache and the amount of ram it was using on my 256mb VPS so decided to remove it and heres what I did to make my VPS fly Firstly remove apache: Quote:yum remove httpdIt will ask you to remove php also, you need todo this so choose yes. [...]

How to: create a new PHP Info page

This will show you what modules you have running on your server, if they’re enabled, the version number and a few other informative goodies. 1. If you don’t already have an info.php page on your server, after reading this you will be able to create a new php text file and upload it to your [...]

[Fedora Core 5] Howto install yum

I’ve found with numerous VPS providers the templates they use dont come pre-installed with yum. Do the following to install yum: Quote:rpm -ivh…3-1.2.i386.rpm rpm -ivh…4.2.1.i386.rpm rpm -ivh…7-1.2.i386.rpm rpm -ivh…-15.2.i386.rpm rpm -ivh…8-2.noarch.rpm rpm -ivh…0-1.noarch.rpmDo the above from SSH in that order and yum will install without any problems. Or you [...]

HowTo: Install bzip2

Hello, In order to install bzip2 in your VPS or dedicated server Linux You must follow the following instructions. – Type: cd ..- Type: wget Type: tar zxvf bzip2-1.0.3.tar.gz- Type: cd bzip2-1.0.3- Type: make install With APT: – Type: apt-get update- Type: apt-get install bzip2 Thanks or – Type: yum update- Type: yum install [...]